Benefits of Palliative Care

We would like to provide qualified nursing care continuously and always following the newest findings in nursing science, as well as customized to the needs of our clients. The possiblity of securing a certain sense of independence for people in need of help, maintaining a stay in their own home, and providing an atmosphere filled with dignity and respect in the last phase of people’s lives are the main goals of Palliative Care.
“Not giving life more days but giving the days more life…“
We involve the chart of rights of people in need of help and care into our actions.
We work according to the guiding principles of the German society of palliative medicine.

Basic care measures and treatment measures
Transitional care
Port catheter and tracheostoma care
Vacation stand-in and nightwatch (sleeping and sitting)
Lowthreshold care service
Arrangement of additional services
Palliativ Care
Dietary and pain management
Care of vegetative state patients
Household managemant
Daily structuring measures

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