Mission Statement

I&K Ambulante Pflege GmbH strives to offer outpatient elderly- and nursing care within a radius of 50km – true to ist motto, individually and competently. Hereby we would like to offer our service to all people in need of elderly- or nursing care, without exception. By doing so, we would like to serve as a competent cooperation partner for service providers, doctors, and other health services. I&K Ambulante Pflege GmbH undertakes to provide elderly- and nursing care that is up to date with the current status of research in the field of nursing and in accordance with the quality standarts agreed on by central associations in Lower Saxony. A comprehensible quality assurance system will be developed and it will reflect the ideas of the Federal Association of Private Providers of Social Service e.V. I&K Ambulante Pflege will provide care professionally on the basis of our guiding principles and our care concept. We put special attention on our commitment to advocate social, cultural, and religious interests of our clients in society. We also advocate for social accompaniment and care, as well as support with linguistic communication.

The owners and employees oft he company follow the aims of this company, that have been stated and form a cooperative collaboration. Only through joint and coordinated work and actions we can reach our goals and improve the quality of our nursing care. Every single one commits themself to the adequate and professional execution of all nursing actions in accordance with current understandings and requirements of scientific nursing. To maintain the advancement of our occupational competence in relation to our field of duty and our qualifications, we continuously partake in advanced education and further training. We undertake to ensure active occupational safety beyond legal regulations.

1)health insurance, nursing care insurance, and welfare offices

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I&K Ambulante Pflege GmbH
Breite Straße 5
31737 Rinteln

Telefon: 0 57 51 / 8 90 69 59
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