Care Model

Holistic Care

The basis of our nursing work – always including individual, cultural, and social needs and considering the characteristics of the home environment.

Self-determined and individual

For us, every client is a self-determined individual who is treated according to their wishes and in compliance with the duty of confidentiality, with dignity and respect. Goals of our nursing care are determined by the needs and demands of our clients. If possible, the restoration of the greatest possible independence of the client has the highest priority. We encourage the active codetermination of the client in regards to the organization of their individual nursing care and we involve resources and possible self-help potential.

All-round well-being in care
For us it also means creating an atmosphere in which our client feels comfortable and which is conducive to his health.
Support and instructions

We support relatives providing care with adequate nursing instructions, advices, and supervision.

Terminal Care

In the last phase of life we contribute to a humane passing by taking into consideration the cultural and religious needs.


In ordert to implement holistic care for the client we encourage the cooperative collaboration of all people involved in the nursing care process. In order to put this into practice, team meetings, case conferences, nursing rounds, and nursing referrals take place.

Foundation and care concept

Our care concept is based on the nursing model of Monika Krohwinkel. It aims at the recovery or preservation of our clients‘ physical, mental, and emotional ability to care for themselves. It also aims at taking into account the personal resources of the clients in need of care and compensating for probable deficits through appropriate care measures.

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