Foto: Ste
Marion Kuckuck, Aziz Ipek and vehicle fleet manager Carsten Siebold count on E-mobility in the coming year at „I+K Ambulante Pflege“.


Citigo iV is an „E-guinea pig“

RINTELN (ste). „I&K Ambulante Pflege GmbH“ is known for its innovative ideas and now it questions ist own mobility. As the first ambulatory care service in Rinteln, they implemented a Skoda Citigo iV in their fleet. Together with their IT-specialist and vehicle fleet manager Carsten Siebold, Aziz Ipek and Marion Kuckuck decided, that an electric car would be a perfect addition to the 80-KW photovoltaik system, that was installed on the roof of the office building last year. The electric Citigo has an 83-PS motor and a range of 260km. The acquisition is promoted by the government. If the „E-guinea pig“ proves to be a better alternative to the standard cars of the fleet, all cars will be replaced by electric vehicles one after the other. This year alone, another e-vehicle is meant to be joining the I&K fleet and with tour legths of 80-100km there is no chance for the e-cars to stop unexpectedly. Optically, the Skoda Citigo iV differs slightly from the rest of the vehicles in terms oft design. On September 2nd, the day of I&K’s 10-year-anniversary, visitors can have a look at the Skoda Citigo iV.